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About DAS

The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (the "DAS") is registered and domiciled in Singapore and was registered as a society under the Societies Act on 29 October 1991. It was established as a charity on 15 February 1996. It has been an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) since 16 May 1996. DAS is governed by its Constitution.


On 26 April 2021, Dyslexia Association of Singapore Limited ("DAS Ltd"), a company limited by guarantee, was incorporated in Singapore. DAS Ltd is governed by its Constitution. Its members and Board of Directors are the existing life members and Executive Committee members of DAS respectively. DAS Ltd was registered as a charity on 29 June 2021. It has been an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) since 25 August 2021.


On 6 August 2021, the DAS entered into a transfer of charitable undertaking to effect the transfer of all the assets, the liabilities, the employment of the employees and the operations and activities of the DAS collectively as a going concern, to the DAS Ltd with effect from 1 January 2022. All day-to-day transactions and activities remain unchanged and stakeholders will continue to be served by our existing DAS staff and centres.


The Dyslexia Association of Singapore was dissolved with effect from 1 September 2022 under section 7 (2) of the Societies Act.


DAS as a Social Enterprise

DAS views itself as a social enterprise. We strive to be a sustainable business with a social mission. Our business is used as a means to help dyslexic people achieve. We reinvest our surpluses to fulfil our social objectives and in doing so, combine the entrepreneurial and business skills with our philanthropic mission characteristics as a not-for-profit organisation.

Characteristics of DAS Social Enterprise

We provide high-quality, professional, innovative and client-focused solutions to create and sustain services for the dyslexic community in Singapore and the region.

We operate as a financially viable and cost-effective business which at the same time ensures that no dyslexic person is unable to access our services because they cannot afford it.

We generate social returns on our investments through the development of a dynamic, motivated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

We have a heightened sense of accountability to stakeholders through our professional management team.