Get involved and join us as we EMBRACE DYSLEXIA!


Students with dyslexia are struggling in the education system every day.  DAS believes that each student is unique in their own way and have the strengths that will see them through their education and into a successful career.  One way to provide hope is to raise awareness about learning differences and to have role models for them to aspire to.  Another is to have advocates for them and to actively support initiatives to raise awareness about learning differently.

The commitment for championing learning differences is one way to do this.

DAS encourages Singapore to make a committment to EMBRACE DYSLEXIA through the following ways: 

1. Raise Awareness about Embrace Dyslexia by:

  • Sharing information about dyslexia
  • Inviting DAS to conduct Awareness Talks in your company, school or group
  • Attending courses at DAS Academy
  • Joining a support group
  • Being a member of a professional body like RETA

2. Explore opportunities to work with DAS by:

  • Workplace Giving or Volunteering initiatives
  • Mentoring DAS Alumni students for internships or work experience

3. Believe in the dyslexic individual by:

  • Recognising their strengths and understanding their weaknesses
  • Providing the appropriate support and encouragement

4. Donate to DAS Programmes

5. Sharing is Caring:

  • Be a mentor or volunteer your time

6. Advocate for Embrace Dyslexia by:

  • Sharing information about dyslexia
  • Signing the Embrace Dyslexia Commitment Statement