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Singapore jumps for a world champion and for dyslexia!  

Lewis Hamilton is a world champion, he has dyslexia and is a role model for our students!

Lewis said about his dyslexia, "I’m dyslexic. I struggle like hell in maths. Numbers moving around and getting everything mixed up. But when I get in an art class, you can be free flowing in this. It doesn’t matter how it looks, it only matters how the artist sees it with all just being creative and that’s what I loved about it.”  READ MORE HERE


What: Post a photo of you leaping into the air to cheer for Lewis Hamilton

For: Children with dyslexia and supporters

When: July to September 2022


  1. Post a photo of you leaping into the air to cheer for Lewis Hamilton
  2. Hashtag #LeapforLewis #EmbraceDyslexia
  3. Tag @lewishamilton @dyslexiasg
  4. Follow @dyslexiasg on Instagram and Facebook

To students with dyslexia in Singapore, Lewis Hamilton is more than a world champion – he is an inspiration for them to strive for their maximum potential at school and in life.

As a lead-up to the Singapore Grand Prix 2022, we are all going to leap into the air for Lewis, as a symbol of our support, admiration and love. It is a collective shoutout to a man who has shown the world the strengths, talents and extraordinary determination of people with dyslexia. It is also a symbol of appreciation to him for being a voice and advocate for dyslexia.

Jump into the air, capture the moment and post it on social media - it’s a simple but powerful campaign to cheer Lewis on at the Singapore night race and to call people to embrace dyslexia.

We are inviting DAS students, students with dyslexia and other learning differences, our staff, partners, notable personalities and the public, to jump as an individual or as a group.

While having fun, participants will also stand a chance to win a fabulous prize and bragging rights as the leaping king or queen!

Watch our photoGallery on Facebook will repost your photos!


Attractive prizes to be won for the most liked photo!

Cheer for Lewis Hamilton at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix 2022 and get the world to embrace dyslexia by joining the "Leap For Lewis" Campaign organised by DAS.

How to join?

  1. Post a photo of you leaping into the air to cheer for Lewis Hamilton
  2. Hashtag #LeapforLewis #EmbraceDyslexia
  3. Tag @lewishamilton and @dyslexiasg
  4. Follow @dyslexiasg

Winners will be announced on 1 October 2022.
Terms & conditions apply.

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