On-site Teaching is a specialist intervention service for schools or organisations at your location. 

Supporting Specific Learning Differences 

Some but not all children have a diagnosis for specific learning differences. However, their symptoms and difficulties in learning are similar to a typical child with learning differences. Many children struggle to cope with academic requirements and need specialised intervention. With established strategies and experience, DAS Educational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists can provide specialist intervention for children with various specific learning differences.

Onsite programmes in schools aim to uncover the true strengths of students with learning differences and empower them with the necessary skills and strategies to succeed.

Programme Description

On-site Teaching provides support for the following:


What Does Our On-site Programme Offer?

Lessons are structured and cumulative to align with the Orton- Gillingham Principles taught at the DAS, thereby giving time for students to internalise, understand, review and retain concepts, strategies and skills taught. All our Onsite programme come with the following inclusions as part of a standard package:

  • Pre and Post Tests
  • Teacher Feedback questionnaire
  • Summary report for the school


For more information, please contact:
Surjati Soekraman
Email: surjati@das.org.sg
Tel: 6786 0838 or 9729 8531